Aquamarine Fukushima

50 Tatsumi-cho, Onahama, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture


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What you will learn at this facility

One of the largest interactive aquariums in Tohoku. About 800 species of creatures are on display under the theme of ‘current rip.’
The facility lost 90% of its exhibited organisms in the Great East Japan Earthquake, but managed to reopen approximately four months later. Situations after the earthquake and the process leading up to the reopening are explained in the theater. (*For groups, advance reservation is required.)
As a facility that handles living creatures, our unique experience has taught us a lesson we believe only we can convey which we strive to pass on to the next generation.

What you can do at this facility

  • # Video viewing
  • # Learn about local creatures and nature
  • # Hands-on programs for school groups

Facility Information

  • Video viewing (for groups / advance reservation required)

    The situation at the time of the disaster and the response of the staff are explained.
    It shows how 90% of the exhibited organisms perished and the evacuation method of the marine animals.
    The path to re-opening are also portrayed, and how, as a “disaster-stricken aquarium,” strives to pass on the lessons of the disaster to future generations.

  • Scars of the earthquake

    Outside the main building, you can see how the height of the retaining wall has changed due to subsidence caused by the earthquake.
    The facility has been restored, but the scars of the earthquake remain.

  • Creatures of Iwaki

    A wide variety of creatures are exhibited under the theme of ‘current rip’ which is a major feature of Fukushima’s sea.
    The triangular tunnel which recreates the current rip in the sea is one of the main attractions. In addition, there are exhibits of sea and river creatures of Fukushima.
    Visitors can experience fishing, backyard tours, and “Egg Forest Animal Play,” in which you can challenge the animals’ abilities.

Activity report

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Facility overview / Access

Name of institution Aquamarine Fukushima
Address 〒 971-8101
50 Tatsumi-cho, Onahama, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture Google Map
Telephone number 0246-73-2525
Opening hours 9:00-17:30(Until 17:00 in winter) *Last admission: 1 hour before closing time
Fee Adults: 1,850 yen. Elementary to high school students: 900 yen. Pre-school children: free
Access <Access by car>
Approximately 20 minutes from Iwaki Yumoto IC on the Joban Expressway
Approximately 30 minutes from Iwaki Nakoso IC on the Joban Expressway
<Access by public transportation>
Approximately 15 minutes by route bus (bound for Onahama / Ena) from JR Joban Line Izumi Station (limited express stop) to the nearest bus stop "AEON MALL Iwaki Onahama." 5 minutes walk after getting off the bus.
<Access from Fukushima Airport>
Approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes from Fukushima Airport on Route 49
Parking Available
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